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After inviting quite a few people, I feel like I should leave a little message for you.

I hope that many of you join, and pass the word to others. I have a great desire for this community to become a hot spot for people interested in these topics ( which are outlined, but not limited to, the interestes posted in the userinfo of this community ) to come and discuss and share information. Although I do have information to share, I must admit that the making of this community does have a rather selfish reason, an easy one stop shop area for information that I crave as well as others. It's so much easier to ask a question and have 15 people give varied opinions, information, etc to.

So, I hope that many of you join, and bring others with you.

Now, a brief explination of the name 'Rainbow Paths'. I've recently gotten very interested in Chakra Healing and lightworkers, as described by Doreen Virtue in many of her wonderful books. As I'm sure most of you know, Chakra's are points in your body through which energy flows. There are seven main ones, starting at the base of your spine ( root chakra ) and working their way up your body to end at the crown of your head ( crown chakra ). The Root Chakra is ruby red in color, the next one is orange, yellow, and so forth. And as always, I am always trying to listen to my inner self and follow my path, hence the name.

So, thank you for at least taking a look, and I look forward to having many enlightening discussions with you.

- Tarla
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