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The Child

Okay. So when my Uncle Kelly moved here from Boise, we got to talking and realize that we have a lot of the same beliefs and views on life. While discussing philosophy the conversation ended up with us sharing experiences with each other. Kelly was telling me about what he believes to be a spirit, a small boy, that has followed him. Every time he moves, within a month or so, he will see the child again, always out of the corner of his eye and always only for a split second. He also mentioned a cat that he has never really seen, but that would jump up on his bed and curl up with next to his legs. He would reach for the cat, thinking that it was his pet Erwin, but nothing would be there.

The first time Kelly told me about the child, a mental picture formed in my mind of a child around 10 years of age, with blond-white hair cut in what I call the bowl cut ( where it looks like someone laid a bowl on top of the childs head like a hat and used the edge of it for their reference line ), with blue eyes. He was always wearing a shirt with a white collar and short sleeves, that was striped red and either a white or a yellow. The red stripe being two to three inches wide and the white/yellow stripe being about a quarter inch. I can't tell if they are jeans, or some kind of kahki but his pants are dark blue, and in an older cut style, classic cut I guess you could call it. And white lace up tenny-runners. Physically, the child is average for his age, and thinner than most of the people in my family ( who tend to be heavy set ). This child is far from gaunt, he looks healthy, but not belonging to this family, which was one of the options my uncle came up with for why the spirit follows him.

Well, tonight Kelly was telling me that he was sitting in his chair when he felt that he had 'become the focus of something' and turned and had seen the child again, this time clearer and for longer than previous times. I was compelled to ask what the child looked like, and when he started to describe the child, I finished the description for him while he nodded enthusiastically.

"What color were the big stripes on his shirt?"
"Right!! And..."

And now in Unison:

"White tenny-runners!"
"White tennis-shoes!"

I myself have never 'seen' the child that I'm aware of. So this makes me wonder if I had picked up on my uncles mental image of the child. However I have always had a clear picture of what the childs face looked like, while my uncle claims that he only saw the boys face clearly yesterday.

So, any thoughts on how I also know what the child looks like, or why he would be following my uncle?

xoxo ;; tarla
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