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Apache Tear Meditation

After reading the post by godsgrin on sacred geometry and exploring INSIDE crystals I tried meditating on that possibility.

Lately I have had a hard time relaxing and just "letting go". I marked the corners with my crystals, and lay back trying to relax. I am not used to mediating without a request, so my mind didn't really know what to do.

So ... I asked for Guidance in how to relax and just "be". As I drifted near sleep state, I called out once more for guidance and was shown a peaceful vista, a glen/cove type place with a waterfall. I was drawn towards the rushing water and felt at home there. I went into the waterfall and then noticed an opening behind it. There was a female within the cave and an alter with my stones cast in a circle. The girl was blond and thin and had her back to me and walked further into the cave but I couldn't go that far, nor did I feel as though I wanted to. I also sensed someone lying on the floor, as if ready for healing and I felt connected to both that person and the blonde.

I lost the connection with the waterfall glen at that point and drifted amongst the blackness around me. I received a few messages and unfortunately I can not remember them now - but then I spiraled quickly into the darkness, with two bright stars with me. I felt drawn into one of them. I thought of the apache tear stone in my left hand and realized/thought(?) its the snow flake/white spot on the stone!

I followed the path to the light and then this ... hehe Brightly lit, high energy fairy buzzed all around me and slammed into me! I was convulsed with energy and light in the most amazing proportions! It was CRAZY! I felt the energy from the 4 corners washing over me and soon I was IN the star and energy just kept pouring in from the apache tear.

White light washed over me and the waves followed the rythem of my breath. It was - AMAZING!

Soon the energy tapered off and I came up from the vision. I thanked my guides and the corners, and elements. Blessed Mother Earth for her love and sat up, feeling rather light and tingly.

It was a great night!
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